Creativity and excitement are important

 in my life. My hobbies include

 photography, jewelry design, trivia

 competitions, and remaining active

 through sports—specifically tennis. I am a

 cinephile might be one of the few

 people who still buys DVDs (can't resist the

 special features).Website design might have

 to be a new hobby as I've had fun building

 this site without templates.


​​ I'm Ellie, a 26 year-old Northwestern

University graduate currently living in the

Lincoln Park area of Chicago. I

completed majors in Communication

Studies and Psychology. Originally from

Dallas,Texas, a new cultural experience

and the opportunity to enjoy seasons are

 two of the many reasons why I chose to

 attend Northwestern and remain in

 Chicago (polar vortexes were not taken into account).


Ellie Schultz  



 Media is a vehicle for public, cultural discussion. What

becomes popular is a reflection of what’s important,

and what’s important impacts what becomes popular.

I want to work in a space where the creative material

orchestrates cultural discussion; where the work is

recognizable and makes an impression. ​

I intend to have a career that will combine my

knowledge and understanding of people, my

organizationaland solid project management skills,

my affinities for creative projects, and​ my comfort with

​ unanticipated chaos.

The blending of culture and originality is what turns

on my interests. Studying people and understanding

their behavior caters to my inquisitive nature. Making

things happen and having an impact encourages my

ambitious character.