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Facets Multimedia

September-December 2014


 Observe. Learn.

  • Managed multiple social media accounts targeting different audiences

                   - Facilitated 9% growth in Fb followers

                   - Multi-daily posts

                   - Launched Instagram campaign

                   - Live-tweeting/instagramming events

  • Media Education​ --- occasional leader of film discussions with movie audiences before/after screenings
  • Screened film entries for possible transposition errors
  • Door-to-door promotion
Applause for a Cause is a student philanthropic production ​company that writes, produces, directs, edits and premieres a feature-length film each year. Our films open in the spring with a red-carpet premiere. The proceeds from our films' screenings are then donated to that year’s selected Chicago-based charity. It is our mission to use our love of filmmaking to promote student arts while bettering the community.

*​ This page only displays the experience as Publicity Chair, Beneficiary Relations and Event Planner of the group. Further involvement with this group can be seen on the PRODUCTION PAGE Involvement with Applause for a Cause stretched across many roles from 2011-2013*

Publicity/Promotion/Event Planner/ Beneficiary Relations

​for 2011-2012 film "Experience For Beginners"

Successful blanket coverage of campus inspired a mockery campaign; a huge compliment acknowledging our overwhelming presence.  2011-2012 film

Created group slogan and designed sweatshirts 

"Making a REEL Difference"

Orchestrated QR code campaign (posted signs with code all over campus) leading to over 1,000 website hits and 1,200+ trailer views in first 24 hours.

Wrote press releases for school and local news outlets

Planned red-carpet premiere, complete with concessions donated from Evanston movie theater.

What I'm Seeing...

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What I'm Thinking...

What I'm Seeing...

Organized for a Make-A-Wish representative to give a short speech before each film... the beneficiary for that year. 

Ellie J Schultz  

Funds raised increased by 26% from previous year


Northwestern Philanthropic Production Company

September 2011- June 2013

Experience taught me skills in:

  • managing peers

  • working as a team member and leader

  • working closely with large corporations

  • fundraising

  • event planning

*Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, I cannot share  material created during many of my marketing/advertising internships. Please look to resume page for descriptions of those experiences*


The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival is the largest annual festival of films for children (ages 2–16) in the world, programming 250 films and videos from 40 countries. With 25,000 children, adults and educators and over 100 filmmakers, programmers each year, the Festival is one of the only Academy Award-qualifying children's film festivals. The Festival is held every October at various theatrical venues around Chicago, Illinois.

Marketing/Promotions/Social Media Coordinator

Experience taught me skills in:

  • Stretched my creative muscles to reach and stimulate different audiences (simultaneously managed many different social media accounts).

  • Improved public speaking skills

  • Learned media management software

The business of people and creativity.