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What I'm Thinking...

In 2006, the section’s “Year in Photos” 
crafted a feature on me and a tribute
to my photographic contributions.

Personal Awards

  • Interscholastic League Press Conference Awards:​​


                   - General News Photo: 2nd Place


                   - Sports Action Photo: 1st

                   - Tops in Texas: Nominee

                   - Sports Action Photo: Honorable Mention

                   - Photo Story: Honorable Mention

                   - Feature Photo: Honorable Mention

                   - Portrait Photo: Honorable Mention 

  • Columbia (University) Scholastic Press Association


                   - Single Feature Photo: 2nd Place

​                   - Single Feature Photo: Gold Circle of Merit Finalist

What I'm Seeing...

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I am a very visual person. Photography has enabled me to see the world artistically 
and capture it.
The “Neighbors” section is an insert that covers the events of different communities within the Dallas/Forth Worth metropolitan area. Each community receives a different insert in their Dallas Morning News paper that
​is specific to and exclusively covers said community. 
I contributed to the insert serving the Park Cities.
Reach: 33,000 residents.


The Park Cities News is a community paper that serves the 33,000 residents of the Park Cities, comprised of both Highland Park and University Park. This publication has served the community for 70+ years. Many of the photos taken in appear in both publications. Reach: 33,000 residents.
^^^Feature photos

​I spent many years looking at life through the lens, so I’ve picked some of my favorite published photos and photo essay spreads.

took photos, designed page layouts,

designed graphics 


                                                                           Photo Essays >>>

Ellie J Schultz  

Skills acquired: visual eye, spatial awareness, interrelations between pictures, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop CS 2 

*Page contains material from the Dallas Morning News, The Park Cities News and The Bagpipe. Thank you to these publications for providing the following clippings.*

Have ideas. Capture them.

Dallas Morning News
“Neighbors” section and The Park Cities News.
​Photographing events around the community in high school and middle school.

Newspaper Awards

  • UIL Journalism Team Champion 10 4A


              - All American Publication Winner

  • Interscholastic League Press Conference Awards:​​


                   - Bronze Star Award


                   - Award of Distinguished Merit

  • Columbia (University) Scholastic Press Association


                     - Silver Crown Award

​                   - Gold Medalist
                   - Gold Circle of Merit

                   - Bronze Star Award

                                                                                  JOURNALISM WORK:
 Won several awards in photography for the award-winning school newspaper, The Bagpipe
Main sports photographer, photo editor, and author of photo essay spreads; 
chose the themes, took the photos, designed the layout and the graphic designs.
Photo essays appeared on the entire back page of each edition.