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"A Piece of the Game is the Emmy award-winning TV show for people who are passionate about sports memorabilia. We showcase sports memorabilia items and “the stories behind the stuff”—and expertly appraise every item that appears on the show." 

-- A Piece Of The Game website.


​​​TV show:  A Piece Of The Game

filmed Episode 7:    October 4 & 5,  2014

my involvement:  extra, assistant

​filmed Episode 9:    January 18,  2015

my involvement:production assistant

filmed Episode 10:   March 14,  2015
my involvement:  production assistant

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TV show-- Episode 7

Logo taken from website:


Freelance Production Company

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Corporate Video:

filmed:  October 30, 2014

my involvement: production assistant, grip

Corporate Video: Cancer Treatment Center Of America

filmed:  November 2, 2014

my involvement: production assistant, grip

videos pending

videos pending

Commercial: Honda Car (Regional)

filmed:   November 11, 2014

my involvement: production assistant, grip


 Observe. Learn.


Applause for a Cause is a student philanthropic production ​company that writes, produces, directs, edits and premieres a feature-length film each year. Our films open in the spring with a red-carpet premiere. The proceeds from our films' screenings are then donated to that year’s selected Chicago-based charity. It is our mission to use our love of filmmaking to promote student arts while bettering the community.

feature film:  Summer's Winter

filmed:   September 2012- May 2013

my involvement: Executive Producer

Executive Producer duties:

  • Conducted weekly executive board meetings
  • Oversaw and participated in general film production tasks including: finances, script selection/approval, casting, filming (participated as assistant and grip as well), set supplies, editing​
  • Raised $2,300 for Evanston Connections for the Homeless

                - 22% increase from previous year

*​ This page only displays the experience as Co-Chair and Executive Producer of the group. Further involvement with this group can be seen on the marketing page. Involvement with Applause for a Cause stretched across many roles from 2011-2013*

2012-2013 film

Additionally oversaw the external affairs: fundraisers, publicity, event planning

Planned the red-carpet premiere, complete with concessions donated from Evanston movie theater.

Organized for a representative from the 2013 beneficiary, Evanston Connections for the Homeless, to give a short speech before each film screening.

Ellie J Schultz  

This experience taught me skills in:

  • managing peers
  • working as a team member and leader
  • prioritizing tasks that occur simultaneously in different departments
  • ​comfort with chaos
  • thinking on my feet
  • problem-solving
  • knowledge of the pre-production, on-set production, and post-production process


Northwestern Philanthropic Production Company

September 2011- June 2013

Bringing innovative ideas to life.

Corporate Video: JellyVision Inc

filmed:   November 18, 2014

my involvement: camera, production assistant

Corporate Video: LocalFix (app)

filmed:   December 6, 2014

my involvement: production assistant, grip

Corporate Video: JellyVision Inc

filmed:   Janurary 30, 2015

my involvement: camera, production assistant

Kickstarter: Quiplash

filmed:   February 27, 2015

my involvement: grip, audio, production assistant

Fundraising Video: Leukemia & Lyphoma Society

filmed:  February 2015 - April 2015

my involvement: Producer, Director, Videographer, Assistant Editor

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

video pending

​​​​​Commercial: Honda Car (Regional)

filmed:   February 2 - 6, 2015

my involvement: grip, script supervisor, audio,                                  production assistant

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Leo Burnett

  advertising agency

Publicis Groupe

position title:    Freelance  Associate Producer


my involvement (department): Greenhouse 

contracted: April 2015  - July 2015